David Deyl is a young Czech singer, composer, and pianist with an extraordinary voice and a powerful presentation.  His songs, which have a strong melodic line, are richly enhanced by his own piano playing style. He is among the most popular artists on the radio in the Czech Republic.

His recording career is marked by his debut album Hlavolam, published in 2009 by Warner Music, Czech Republic. In 2011, David released his second album, entitled Zasah, with Supraphon.  The album includes his biggest hits Pocitam and Lez a nech si lhat. In 2014, already recording on his own label, DADE music, David released his third album called V ozvenach. The album contains 12 tracks in the classical crossover style and was recorded with the North Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, in Teplice, under the direction of Marek Stilec. 2016 saw the release of another new album called Moje Vanoce (My Christmas) published in November. The album contains 11 Christmas songs. Two of them dominated the Czech radio charts for more than six week as number one hits.

David’s current career is focused on the classical crossover style – an excellent combination of modern popular music and traditional classical music. Currently he continues to be dedicated to the classical crossover style, where he brilliantly combines modern popular music with the beauty of traditional classical music.  Examples of this style may be heard in his versions of A Million Years Ago, The One and Only, Rise, Evermore, and others which are featured on his DD Covers offering.

His most recent extraordinary project is titled Melodies of My Heart: Musicals.  He dedicated the whole of 2016 to the preparation of this album, including studies in Los Angeles, where he improved his English diction and his musical repertoir under the guidance of professor and opera singer Ahdda Shur. After his return from the USA he has been regularly devoting himself to vocal training with Professor Magdaléna Hajóssyová, the internationally renowned soprano and music educator.

David is preparing a new concert project for the autumn of 2018: Magical World of Wonder, where listeners can hear well-known melodies from the world of animated film set to the accompaniment of piano, cello, and flute.

David is also concurrently working on his next original album. David’s songs currently have more than 40 million views on Youtube.


The most charming personality of the year – 2017 – Czech Radio

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Silver Award "Slavyansky Bazaar" from the International Festival in Vitebsk (2011)

Grand Prix "Stargate" from the International Music Competition of Art Faculties in Vladimir, Russia (2011)

Vocalist of the Year music contest TV Ocko (2010)

The prize for the most successful young singer/musician OSA (2010)

Nominations for the prize of Slovak Television’s Musiq 1 for Best Video (2010)

The prize for the discovery of Czech Radio Legends Night Stream (2010)

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Nominations for the prize for the Discovery of 2010 - Czech Nightingale