Adele - A Million Years Ago/Chopin's Waltz Op.64 No.2 - DAVID DEYL

This video should have been created in a completely different location and have been shot by a completely different director. Finally, as sometimes happens, everything was different ...

We arrived at the MACAC recording studio in the unique Wolfrum Villa in Ústí nad Labem early in the morning in the midst of sunny weather, but during the day it became overcast and started to rain and rain. Fortunately, the whole team was very flexible and we managed to catch the overall atmosphere of the wonderful song A Million Years Ago by Adele which we enriched with Chopin's Waltz op. 64 no. 2.

The phenomenal pianist Václav Krahulík came up with the idea because I had asked him to stylize this song using a well-known work from the world of classical music.

It won my heart and I hope it wins yours as well.