Evermore (From "Beauty and the Beast")

Once upon a time, a young man from a faraway village lived a life that may only be called one of obscurity. Although he felt his talent growing within himself, he lay like an undiscovered gem at the bottom of the sea.

After many years, the blossoming of his desire urged him into the wider world of music, and gradually, by means of the uplifting support of his sympathetic friends, the young man could feel that his dreams were beginning to come to fruition. One day he set out on a journey to the distant mountains. As he passed a lonely valley, an unknown structure on the horizon enchanted his eye. The strange power of that vision drove him to seek its source. Drawn by a force that was stronger than all apprehensions, he made his way through the trees to suddenly find himself confronted with a stately building and a multitude of statues, symbolic figurations of the virtues and vices.

Life, in all of its multifaceted complexity, had begun to offer itself to the perusal of his imagination. What would he do? The conclusion to this magical tale may be discovered in the sound and images within the moving picture above…